Cybersecurity Tips : 5 Benefits Of Using Password Manager Apps

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Cybersecurity Tips: 5 Benefits Of Using Password Manager Apps

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The typical online experience requires you to input your password at least once. Accessing your email or online social media accounts necessitates that you enter a unique and correct username and password combination. A password manager will help you remember all the codes you need to access your online accounts.


If you’re still thinking about installing a password manager app on your device, here are five benefits to help with your decision-making:


  • Good Memory Is Not A Requirement


Some sites need you to create passwords of considerable length. Furthermore, these passcodes might need to be a mixture of alphanumeric text, symbols, and a combination of lowercase and capital letters.


Memorizing every password combination for your different online accounts can be daunting. But, a password manager won’t require you to remember all the codes for online accounts.


You may also use a password manager app with an autofill feature. So, all you need is to click on the “Login” button, and the app will complete the username and password fields for you.

At this point, you might be checking out different password manager programs on the Internet. Access websites like for comparisons and feedback about various password manager software to help you decide which application to download on your device.


  • Generate Stronger Passwords


If you think that hackers aren’t smart enough to figure out that your password is a straightforward combination of digits like “1234”, then think again.

Many cyber attackers attempt to log into your account by using the simplest of passcodes first. “1234”, “admin”, your birthday, and your name are likely to be the first items on their list of passwords to try out while hacking your account.

Reliable password manager apps have code generation features. Use these functionalities to generate passwords that are  stronger than “1234” or “admin.”

You may even set parameters, such as only using alphanumeric text, to generate these codes. So your new password might be something like “Xikfiausr72891” or “nSfdCcSW6552.” With these codes, you can sleep easy at night, knowing that hackers can’t illicitly access your online accounts.


  • Store Recovery Questions And Answers

If you forget the password to an online account, chances are you’re going to click on the “Forgot password” link. Here, websites will have extra security measures at play. Some sites will ask you a password recovery question before you can recover or reset your code.

The situation can become complicated if you have forgotten the answer to your recovery question as well. Thankfully, some password manager apps allow you to store recovery questions.

However, you can also improve the security of your account by never giving precise answers to recovery questions. For example, your password recovery question is, “What is your birthday?” So instead of inputting your actual birthdate, you may answer the inquiry with, “The day I was born.”

Hackers may try to input all the dates on the calendar, but they still won’t succeed in logging into your account.


  • Share Across Multiple Devices

Perhaps you want to access your email from your mobile device while you’re on vacation. But, your primary password manager program is on your desktop computer at home. You should use a reliable password manager app that can share passwords across different gadgets.

Also, if you update your passcode on your mobile device, your password database in your desktop PC should change as well. You may also share your passwords through the app with your trusted friends and relatives.

For example, use the app if your accountant wants to access your email to search for critical financial details. Otherwise, send the passcode to your sister, who wants to use your PC at home.


  • Password Encryption


Reliable password manager apps may also use enhanced encryption technology to hide your information from the Internet’s prying eyes. For example, you use a straightforward password like “12291990”, which stands for December 29, 1990, and that date’s your birthday.

Despite your password’s simplicity, the app will encrypt the data once you hit the “Login” button. It might look like your usual password from your end. But hackers will see different letters and numbers on their end, making it next to impossible to access your account.



Password manager software can be an excellent solution for enhanced cybersecurity for personal and commercial use. With the right app, you can share passwords across multiple devices, hide your code from the prying eyes of hackers, and generate stronger-than-average passcodes. Remember to research the different password manager apps available on the Internet. Use the right application with the features that best fit your lifestyle.


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