Pressidium Hosting Review

This lesser-known web hosting provider was officially launched in 2014 and managed by professional WordPress developers and computer engineers. 

Pressidium prides itself on providing consumers with top-quality hosting to businesses on a smaller scale, citing its speed and security as the top reasons why you should use their servers. 

They offer seamless performing managed WordPress hosting. Pressidium is pretty good in providing a variety of fast plans, secured, convenient, and provide you with innovative technology. 

Although they are relatively new in the hosting world, their services are thought to be on par with the industry’s standards. We have taken a look at Pressidium’s best features and highlights to help you decide if it’s the ideal web hosting provider for your website.


  • Jam-packed Basic Plan


Pressidium’s basic plan costs an average of $18 and is packed with premium features that most hosting providers’ basic packages don’t cover. One of them is free website migration, an innovative infrastructure that provides optimal security, scalability, and speed, WordPress automatic updates, and more. You are also ensured of your money’s worth because they offer a 60-day warranty, which is double the standard warranty that other hosting providers offer. 


  • Innovative Infrastructure


Although Pressidium is relatively new in the market, its innovative infrastructure is favored by experts and enthusiasts and is considered to be one of the best web hosting infrastructures available. This revolutionary infrastructure consists of numerous smaller features. The most notable one is the multi-layer caching platform that allows you to incorporate several layers of caching of systems, load balancing, and security measures. You can guarantee that you get to enjoy quick access to your website’s content, database results, optimal PHP platform, and overall seamless user experience. 


  • Free Domain Transfer


Although Pressidium focuses on the WordPress platform, sometimes you need to move your WordPress site from a different host. This hosting service provider allows you to transfer your domain to a different host with no hidden charges, freeing you from a costly and challenging process. You just need to send a support ticket with your website’s details to Pressidium’s customer support. Soon, you will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of your new hosting plan.


  • High Performance


Pressidium has established data centers throughout the world – from North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania. The servers they offer are robust, which allows their hosting services to handle a load of numerous hosted sites with ease. This, in turn, provides clients with a high-performing website. With the addition of multi-layer caching systems, excellent PHP platforms, load balancing systems, and CDN further speed up your site’s operation, providing you with quick response times even during vast surges of traffic. 


  • Excellent Uptime


Because of Pressidium’s numerous mini-features included in their performance, the website accumulated a high uptime value of 99.95 percent. This consistent uptime value minimizes the downtimes your website will experience when too much traffic occurs. Pressidium is so confident in their service that when customers experience downtime and fail to provide their promised uptime, they give back 5 percent of their customer’s monthly fees. 


  • Smooth E-Commerce Performance


Running your online e-commerce store or website has never been easier with the combination of Pressidium and the WooCommerce Plugin provided by WordPress. WooCommerce and Pressidium work well together because the plugin is included in the web hosting provider’s caching system. It allows your WordPress website to run and load faster, which helps your e-commerce store secure a spot at the top. 

If you want to optimize your WordPress websites and garner more clients, Pressidium will help you by providing all the help you need. Customers can take advantage of their architecture, security, consistent uptime, and speed. It ensures website owners that they are equipped with everything they need to achieve online success for their personal or corporate website.

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