Ransomware Attacks: Here are 4 Things You Must Know

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Ransomware Attacks: Here are 4 Things You Must Know

There’s no shying away from the fact, the world continues to become a lot smaller as technology has become omnipresent. However, with the massive advancement in technology, we have to cater to a plethora of issues such as online theft, ransomware, cybercrime, online bullying, and a lot more. This is the main reason why technology often makes its way in the news for all the wrong reasons. Today, in this blog, we will talk about the ransomware attack. If you don’t know, ransomware is a notorious software that is used by online criminals to demand to steal information and demand ransom. As of 2017, around 0.3 million computer systems were held as captives around the globe. Experts believe this is an underrated figure because many companies don’t channel out such information from the fear of losing their reputation. Continue reading to know some interesting facts about ransomware:

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  1. Nobody is Safe

In simple words, nobody is safe from a ransomware attack. As our reliance on technology continues to grow, the chances of our computer systems being attacked by cybercriminals continue to rise. Secondly, as technology continues to progress every day, hackers have become stronger than ever. FBI data has revealed that cyber-attacks have increased from 1000 daily to 4000. This number is expected to increase in the coming years ahead. The ethos behind ransomware is to demand money, which is why many cybercriminals have jumped the bandwagon to earn money fast.

  1. Payment is Tough

Contrary to what you think, paying for a ransomware attack is much more difficult than what you expect. Keep in mind, hackers are advanced, which is why they will not settle for payment through a bank account. If it were that simple, many hackers would have got caught by now. Ransomware attacks are weird, which is why hackers demand payment through tough options. Today, hackers demand payment in bitcoin, which makes it difficult for companies to risk their digital currency. Sometimes that is not the end of the story because hackers demand more money even after the final payment has been made.

  1. Precautions Can be Taken

The truth about ransomware attacks is, they can be stopped if you take all the necessary precautions on time. Hackers commit ransomware but with the chances of not getting caught. This is why a business has to go the extra mile to make sure the information is protected to the fullest. This is why attorneys advise people to invest in the security of their systems. This means you need to invest in top-notch anti-virus software and professional IT experts for their services. So if you take precautions on time, it will help you in keeping away from the evil practices of cybercriminals.

  1. Story Doesn’t End Even After the Final Payment

The most disturbing thing to note about a ransomware attack is, nothing ends even after the final payment has been made. Because the ethos behind a ransomware attack is to earn money, the hacker might not return the encryption key even after you have transferred the ransom. This means your company information is at a higher risk of going out in public. Not to forget, even if a small part of the sensitive business information goes out, there is a high chance that it might cause a lot of damage to the reputation of the firm.

No wonder, ransomware attacks can cause much damage to the business than you expect. This is why experts are working relentlessly to put a cut on these attacks. Shockingly, many people from the younger generation are involved in carrying out these attacks because they are more knowledgeable and experienced than conventional hackers.

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