Synergy: Practice Management Software for Designers

Synergy: Practice Management Software for Designers

Synergy is the software for designers that provide proper business management. This only means that professionals from the built environment like engineers, quantity surveyors, architecture, planners, and the construction design industry have more time to do the types of designs they love. However, this software makes it easier for businesses to manage projects accurately, profitably, and efficiently. As much as this software is for designers, it contains a whole bunch of specific features and management tools such as document management, resource, and capacity planning, contract administration, drawing register and transmittals, and lastly, project and account management. With all these, it only means that there is more time to design.

Features of Synergy

Synergy software combines planning, managing, collaborating, and accounting tools. This is specific to engineering and architecture, all in one central place. With this, you can understand the business’s clarity and control, accelerate project delivery, and create a collaborative culture. All the synergy features include:- projects, documents, project portal, forecasting, image gallery, advanced forecasting, reports, task management, timesheets, emails, accounting adds on, rates and costs, contacts, dashboards, image gallery, customizable security, help and support, add-on, multi-office, multi-currency invoices, project performance, unearned income, open API and lastly data imports.


How Does the Synergy Software Work With Xero

The integration of total synergy with Xero allows the seamless transformation of data from synergy practice management to Xero for the provision of a single point of entry of all projects concerning all financial documents. The synchronized data include staff expenses, personal information, invoices, and, lastly, the supplier and, sub-consultant invoices.

Where Can You Use The Synergy Software

The web application or software is available on both desktops and mobile phones, including Android, iPhone, Mac, and windows. Currently, most AEC professionals prefer using synergy business management software every day across the whole world. The best thing is that the moment you use it on your android phone, you can track your business’s progress wherever you are.

Advantages of Enterprise Features In Synergy

The advanced feature has some advantages to all architectural and engineering practices for individuals, small businesses, large businesses, local and global corporations. The advanced features help in: – improving the businesses decision-making process, hire the right individuals for the right projects, keep everything safe this includes both the customer’s and company’s information, allows fair sharing of workloads across multiple offices, ensures all the employees are paid fast using any currency, helps to know the amount of money you still owe work for and lastly it helps to check the health of your projects with ease and at your comfort.

Are you in the built environment and wanna try this total synergy software? If yes, then do not worry because all you need is to log in to their websites then start up a free trial. The software will do you good in your business, and it does not consider the business level as it can work even in smaller businesses. Do not hesitate to use the software as it has lots of advantages related to it. However, if you lack knowledge of how to use it, you can request tutorials, especially on your tube.

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