Technical Writing and Essay Writing: Difference and Similarity

Technical writing and essay writing are different things. They have some things in common too. Both are widely used for very specific purposes. More likely than not, you have read many documents of each type during your academic and daily life. However, to better understand the differences and similarities between them, let us take a look at each one separately.

Essay writing is very common in academia. Students of all academic levels must write essays at some point. Writing a proper essay requires specific skills that students are taught in high school. Unfortunately, it is common to find students in college or university that cannot write essays themselves.

For those students that lack good writing skills, hiring a quick essay writing service is the best option.  A company that provides such a service can deliver a custom essay according to the specifications of the customer. Considering that the majority of customers are students, this type of service is rather cheap.

Fast delivery is an important requirement when the deadline is close. Many students, even if they have average writing skills, cannot complete their assignments when the deadline is short. In such cases, paying someone to do the assignment is much better.

The Main Characteristics of Essay Writing

An essay has the main objective of expressing your opinion and thoughts on a specific topic while providing pertinent information. There are different types of academic essays. However, the most commonly used is the Expository Essay.

As its name indicates, in such essays you expose your ideas intending to let others know of your opinion. As such, an expository essay is written without many technicalities. Any common person should be able to understand the text without having deep knowledge of the subject.

In essay writing, the writer has to be creative to put his or her ideas in writing more appealingly. Some students even manage to put their ideas in an artistic manner depending on the topic.

There are other types of essays too. Some of them include:

  • Narrative Essays. In this type of essay, you can convey information by using simple prose. You order your ideas as if you were telling a story;
  • Persuasive Essays. In this type of essay writing, you aim at convincing the reader about the validity of your opinion. For this sake, you have to include all the supportive evidence of your claims;
  • Descriptive Essays. Here, you describe the characteristics of your ideas and thoughts.

There are other more specific types of essays, but the above list includes the main ones. All of them share these characteristics: show personal opinion, creativity, and can be controversial.

The Main Characteristics of Technical Writing

On the other side, technical writing is generally used to explain the way one device or product should be used. It provides details of the processes involved in its production and operation. This is a writing style that is very common in the industry. However, people without a technical background can find it difficult to understand sometimes.

Contrarily to an essay, technical writing does not communicate opinions but facts. Technical writing is not meant to be read by everyone but by a specific group of specialists. For example, a machine’s operation manual concerns only a few people. It is supported by technical data, graphics, test results, computer simulations, etc.

The technical writer uses jargon and special terms and concepts relevant to the topic of the text. Hence, a technical document cannot create controversy, since the writer does not express a personal opinion.

Comparison between Essay and Technical Writing

Now, let us highlight the differences between essay and technical writing. First, essay writing expresses a personal opinion. Technical writing is used to communicate facts. As such, an essay can generate controversy, whereas a technical document is clear and cannot be interpreted in different ways.

Essay writing requires much creativity, whereas technical writing is more straightforward. An essay can be read and understood by practically anyone, even outsiders. Contrarily, a technical document can be understood just by people that have deep knowledge of the topic.

An essay is written without technical words. On the other hand, technical writing is characterized by the use of specialized terms and jargon. Essay writing is commonly used in academic circles, whereas technical writing is common in the industry.

The similarities between the two types of writing include the use of proper English. Both an essay and a technical document must be written in flawless English. However, in many cases, technical writing requires some skills and aspects of essay writing. For example, creativity is needed sometimes to make a technical document unique.

In the same way, an essay may need the technical writing style to be more convincing. Hence, although different, both styles can blend sometimes

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